FreeBit features


Simply and easily

You can earn 0.5% per day using free mining and 0.8% per day if you buy FEB's mining power. The minimum amount to buy is $10.


Mining without participation

With the help of our automatic system, you no longer need to sit in the browser or buy expensive equipment.


Token storage

The principle of operation of cryptocurrency is now available for the local currency - FEB, which is protected from hacking and theft.


Using Tokens

FEB is always available for withdrawing to another e-wallet and for paying users on the FreeBit network.

Advantages of working with FreeBit

  • FreeBit's minimum withdrawal of $1 in any of the available areas: BTC, ETH, Payeer, PerfectMoney
  • the minimum deposit of $10 and a contract for a year. Deposit is included in payments
  • the ability to earn cryptocurrency and electronic money without investing personal funds. Contract for the year and 0.5% per day for free mining
  • fast mining of 0.8% per day in case of the acquisition of mining power
  • FEB's availability for translation to other FreeBit users
  • transaction security and innovation of local currency FreeBit on the principle of cryptocurrency
  • 10% of the amount of the deposit of your partner, you can immediately withdraw or spend to pay for the power for paid mining
  • viewing unobtrusive advertising gives FEB's opportunity to earn everything steadily and without scam

Why FreeBit?

FreeBit is a local cryptocurrency that is available to everyone. A new approach to mining currency through viewing unobtrusive advertising and the use of the cryptocurrency work system make FEB a stable, safe currency for earning and paying partner rewards, as well as a regular transaction to other users of the system.

Many years of experience and innovative solutions of FreeBit owners make the work convenient and understandable for everyone, you just need to want and earnings will be passive and permanent!

FreeBit blockchain